About us

Juancheng Elite  is located in Asia’s largest chemical products production base - JUANCHENG Industrial Park,Shandong, China.Focus on manufacturing water treament chemicals and fertilizers over 16 years:

our manufactory mainly produces swimming pool chemicals and  water treatment chemicals : 

TCCA  90%  30000MTS/YEAR
SDIC  56% & 60%   20000MTS/YEAR
SDIC dihydrate 55%     15000MTS/YEAR
Calcium(Sodium) hypochlorite 65% & 70% 20000MTS/YEAR
Thiourea 99        15000MTS/YEAR
Cyanuric acid 98.5%     50000MTS/YEAR
Chlorine Dioxide 12%  10000MTS/YEAR
BCDMH       10000MTS/YEAR
Sodium percarbonate 10000MTS/YEAR


Ammonium sulphate    20000MTS/YEAR
Urea   40000MTS/YEAR
Ammonium chloride   20000MTS/YEAR

With high technology and good service, our goods  exported  all around the world more than 40 countries .

 Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. 

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